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Strategic Dimensions of Maintenance

Turbulence is the hallmark of the contemporary business environment. In such a trying time, organizations are hard pressed to enhance continuously their capability to create value to customers and improve the cost effectiveness of their operations. The contemporary business environment has raised the importance of the maintenance function in organizations which have significant investment in physical assets.

With asset availability and reliability becoming critical issues in capital-intensive operations, the strategic importance of maintenance should be recognized.Thera are four strategic dimensions of maintenance management, namely service-delivery options, organization and work structuring, maintenance methodology and support systems. The two factors that permeate in these strategic dimensions are human factors and information flow.

Making the right decisions that relate to these dimensions will enable organizations to rise to the challenge of the new business imperative. The key decision areas offer managerial insights into ways for achieving business success through excellence in maintenance operations.

Maintenance, as an important support function in businesses with significant investments in physical assets, plays an important role in meeting this tall order. Acquiring the right mix of physical assets and making the best use of those already in place to meet business needs are the ways maintenance can contribute to improving competitiveness of capital-intensive organizations.