Deze blogsite wordt gemaakt en onderhouden door Peter van Heusden.

Started in 1996, Tradon (an acronym of training, advies en onderzoek) is a forward-looking organization focused on strategic aspect of maintenance and solutions that are needed for the 21st century. As a knowledge, information and technology company, we connect decision makers to new concepts, people and ideas – accurately delivering maintenance information, news and insights.

Peter van Heusden is analytically strong and able to translate theory into impact in terms of shop floor and other business processes and technology. I enjoy seeking practical solutions without compromising on management of assets and organizational concept. I’m a typical energetic self-starter with an affection for technology and asset intensive industries. I have strong communication skills and comfortable with presenting my insights, concepts and ideas for student, managers and members of the board in an enthusiastic and convincing manner. I’m prepared to take initiative and do the extra mile to deliver results. Under time constraints, I analyze process data and come up with new insights and solutions for complex problems without compromising on the core.

An almost completed PhD Degree and proven affinity with technical business processes, engineering and technology. A lifetime achievement and working experience in Business processes, Manufacturing, Education; combined with an extended knowledge of the day to day operations in industries and SME’s.

So, when you dream of conquering the world, it’s often necessary to equip yourself with a large mug of coffee and some effective help with all kind of maintenance aspects or asset management issues. I focus very specifically on assignments where I can contribute qualitatively and substantively. In doing so, I will help to bridge the gap between management, the organization and operational processes.

Tel: +31681911411


“There is nothing so practical as a good theory” (Kurt Lewin).