A literature review

The literature on maintenance can broadly categorized into major themes such as maintenance strategy, formulation, selection, implementation. Less (or non at all) literature is written on the impact of maintenance policies, maintenance culture or human aspects. The key results based on a broad literature review related to maintenance, strategy, implementation, performance measures can be summarized as follows:

  • Basic definitions and terms are quite well-defined. However, the term maintenance policies lack a uniform definition.
  • Maintenance strategy lacks a uniform definition. The reason may due to whether maintenance strategy needs to be thought of strategic level, operational level or functional level.
  • The common thread in formulating a maintenance strategy is how to formulate a strategy that supports the overall organization’s objective.
  • Lots of literature confuses policies like a PM or CM approach as a strategy. Because of the  focus of the long-term basis (economic age of the equipment), or the costs during the overall life- cycle of the equipment. These approaches are sometimes seen as a maintenance strategy.
  • Although some literature discuss possible failures when an organizations’ implementing a new maintenance strategie. The subject of maintenance strategy implementation is not studied to any larger extent.
  • The issue of measuring maintenance performances are discussed in various literature. While the need to align these performances with the overall strategic goals of the organization is absent in literature.
  • The need to align maintenance strategies with the complex and dynamic business environment combined with the asset life cycle are hardly documented.

Maintenance strategy formulation and implementation is a very for any asset intensive organization. The process of maintenance strategy formulation and implementation approach applied to maintenance performance management can be outlined as follows:

  1. formulate a (top down) maintenance strategy in alignment with corporate strategy;
  2. select the suitable maintenance policy and formulate when compelled actions are needed for the particular operation process/ equipment;
  3. develop action plans for implementation and companywide integration; and
  4. periodic review (bottom up) of induced maintenance actions their effects on performance and maintenance targets.

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